The winners of mkgallery's 13th annual American Wine Awards, chosen from a field of nominees at blind tastings in the mkgallery offices, celebrate the diversity of America's West Coast vineyards, the strong 2007 vintage in California and 2008 in Oregon, and the powerhouse that is Sonoma County—which produces exceptional Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Zinfandel.

Richard Nalley
October 01, 2010


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Nominators: Gillian Ballance, Trey Beffa, Jeff Callaghan, Andy Chabot, Michael Cinque, Nelson Daquip, Emilie Garvey, Tracy Gribbon, Diane Gross, Drew Hendricks, Darryl Joannides, Peter Kasperski, Jeremy Lamb, Kerrin Laz, Laura Maniec, Dan McCarthy, Kevin Mohalley, David Mokha, Jay Murrie, Jeremy Noye, Rajat Parr, Khalid Pitts, Rob Renteria, Jesse Salazar, Ryan Sciara, Margaux Singleton, Clint Sloan, David Stevens, Gerald Weisl, Chad West, Karen Williams, Jeffrey Wolfe, Wilfred Wong and J. Jeffrey Wooddy

Research by Megan Krigbaum.

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