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Millennials specifically said they spend more than $60 per month on craft beer on average.

Mike Pomranz
Updated May 15, 2019

True craft beer isn’t cheap. Of course, this comes with the territory: Craft beer costs more to produce, and small craft breweries have fewer ways of boosting revenue. Still, when hopping between America’s hippest brewers, a four-pack of 16-ounce cans often costs over $20 — more than you’d expect to pay for a whole case of Bud Light. But according to a recent survey, craft beer's increased taste and quality are worth the expense: In fact, over three-quarters of craft beer drinkers said that they don’t even consider the price when purchasing craft beer.

Earlier this year, the market research company between the ages of 21 and 70 who identified as regular alcohol drinkers. Of that group, 76 percent of respondents said that price doesn’t influence whether they purchase craft beer. As a result, the average person surveyed said they spent $59 a month of craft brews — or $708 per year. Still, respondents seemed to double-down on this lack of concern when offered a craft beer they really like. An even higher 86 percent of those polled said “they would pay more for the craft beer of their preference, even if cheaper options were available,” according to C+R.

Millennials, meanwhile, were especially happy to dole out for good brews. This younger subgroup reportedly said they spent $63 on craft beer per month on average, $4 more than respondents as a whole. They drank craft beer more frequently, as well: 56 percent of millennials said they drank craft beer at least once per week compared to 49 percent of all respondents. Millennials were also slightly more likely to say they visit a brewery or brewpub per month: 43 percent compared to 41 percent.

Regardless of age, however, this survey suggests that the once-niche craft beer scene is now completely ubiquitous. “Nearly all” of those polled said they had drank a craft beer at least once in the last month, and 91 percent said they preferred craft brands over big beer.

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