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Designer Arik Levi created the 130-lb bottle.

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Updated May 24, 2017

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For more than 200 years, the Hennessy clan and the famille Fillioux have created the finest cognacs for royals and rappers. The former founded the maison in 1765; the latter has been its master blenders since the early 1800s.

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Last week, after 50 years at the helm, seventh generation master blender Yann Fillioux handed the keys of the cellar to his nephew Renaud Fillioux. To mark the occasion, the maison has created Hennessy 8, a commemorative blend that comes in a limited edition bottle and case designed by .

Levy worked with Baccarat to design the 130 lb carafe. It features eight crystal rings that loop around a bottle inspired by the tasting flacons of old and is wrapped in a wooden case made in oak from the Hennessy cooperage (where barrels are still made by hand). A copper inlay references the metal tools used in the distilling process.

Courtesy of Wallpaper

"I used all the raw materials associated with making cognac," says Paris-based Levy, who worked with Hennessy on a methusaleh for its XO in 2012. "I was asked to imagine where the company would be in 200 years’ time. For that reason, it’s a highly technical work which took three years to develop."

The blend was equally complex to create. It’s a fusion of eight eaux-de-vie, seven of which were created by Yann, one by Renaud. "Each has a strong personality and combining them was a challenge," explains Fillioux senior. There are no plans to produce any more of the rare elixir, and Levy has created only 250 bottles. Which for €35,000 each (about $38,500) can be yours.



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