By Megan Krigbaum
Updated: May 23, 2017

Peaceful Bottle Stopper

© Courtesy of The Spit Bucket
Peaceful Bottle StopperIt happens every year. I have great intentions to post hundreds of excellent wine gifts (other than wine, of course), and then all of a sudden, it’s December 19 and it hasn’t happened yet. Truth be told, it’s the same situation I find myself in with regards to presents for my family and friends. Thank goodness for two-day mail.


So for the last-minute, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, procrastinating oeno-shoppers, here are 10 little (mostly under $20) presents to nab now.


1. ($38)
I’m embracing the terrarium fanaticism that seems to have taken my hometown of Brooklyn. And what better vessel to install a mini world of moss rocks and wee figurines than a wine bottle? Package it with a bottle of earthy, herb-scented wine like a Chinon from the Loire Valley.

2. ($100)
For the cartographer in every wine lover. This new company makes tote bags from maps. Choose a bag with a St. Tropez map and load it up with a couple of Provençal rosés.

3. ($6)
It’s been such a tumultuous year and these bright wine stoppers are good reminders to seek out peace.

4. ($6 each)
I’m as impressed by an elegant wine stem as anyone (these from are current favorites), but lately, for everyday wines, I’ve been reaching for short glasses like these, inspired by Spanish wine bars. They’re easy to clean, hard to break and are less hazardous next to my computer.

5. ($15)
Admittedly, if you’re just reaching for knitting needles at this point, you’re a little behind the game, but paired with a warming red, like Barolo, these bottle hats can work as host gifts all winter long.

6. ($20 for 4)
Perfect for your wine geek friends who like to taste blind, these sleeves come in packs of four—good for parties or studying for sommelier exams.

7. ($15 for 4)
Who doesn’t love a practical gift? These stemware savers will prevent broken glasses in any dishwasher.

8. ($7)
This tangy, purple finishing salt is made with Pinot Noir from Adelsheim winery in Oregon.

9. ($14)
Ok, I know this isn’t for wine, but this sturdy bottle opener will liven up any party bar. Pair it with a bottling from Francis Ford Coppola.

10. ($12)
Made from soft cotton and hemp fabrics, these charming wine satchels from BananaSaurusRex are cheerful and reusable.

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