David Cicconi

It’s a big season for bakers.

Elyse Inamine
September 18, 2017

Two of the top names in yeast and flour, New York Cronut king Dominique Ansel and Chad Robertson of Tartine in San Francisco, are both descending on Los Angeles with full-service restaurants, their most ambitious 
projects to date. But there’s more bakery buzz, from Paris to the Pacific Northwest, thanks to a host of rising talents. 

Alice Quillet,

A Tartine alum, Quillet replaces 
the classic baguette with sourdough loaves at this Paris bakery. Locals were incensed at first, but now the shelves are empty by early afternoon. 

, 17-19 Rue Breguet, 75011 Paris, France; +33-9-67-86-08-19

Kit and Jesse Schumann,  

The brothers started baking out of chef Renee Erickson’s Boat Street Cafe before founding their Seattle shop. Sourdoughs are their specialty, from plain white to earthy rye. 

, 3621 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA; 206-457-4181

Jenn Smurr,

After interning under respected bakers, the popular green-market seller Smurr is opening 
a retail counter at her baking facility in Lakeland, Florida. 

, 1113 Florida Ave. S, Lakeland, FL


Chris Sy,

Hawaii is synonymous with squishy loaves, but at his Honolulu shop, the French Laundry–trained Sy focuses on cross-hatched country breads, which have acquired a serious following. 

, 3408 Waialae Ave. Suite 104, Honolulu, HI

Adam Tan,

Chef Dan Barber’s laser focus 
on ingredients extends to bread at his upstate 
New York restaurant. Most of the 10 loaves in Tan’s repertoire feature a single grain sourced from one farm. 

  630 Bedford Rd., Tarrytown, NY; 914-366-9600



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