Courtesy Bubby's

Downtown breakfast institution Bubby's will sell you its legendary-status pancake mix via the internet.

Danica Lo
April 26, 2018

There wasn't a whole lot going on in Tribeca in the 90s, so a few times a month, after eighth period, a bunch of us would make the seven-block trek from our high school up to , which back then was a low-key neighborhood restaurant we all liked because it served great soup. Once in a while we'd see Harvey Keitel having a late lunch at a corner table; when Ralph Fiennes was in town doing Hamlet, sometimes we'd  him at Bubby's; and one afternoon in my senior year, at a peak Friends-mania moment in our collective pop consciousness, I asked David Schwimmer if I could take a photo with him when he stopped in for a coffee. Those were the days.

Fast forward two decades and Bubby's is still thriving—and as the neighborhood grew up around it, the all-American dining destination grew, too, and has become one of the breakfast, brunch, and pie s in New York City. Last week, YouTube king named it his favorite breakfast restaurant in the city—"The best breakfast in New York City," he calls it. He takes his colleague Dan to Bubby's and Dan orders Bubby's pancakes. Behold a close-up of said pancakes—above and below (video, Bubby's segment starts at 0:45).

Longing to bask in the Neistat-Bubby's pancake experience, but can't get to New York City? is newly available via mail-order—all you'll need are your favorite toppings (oh, and an egg, some butter, and milk). At Bubby's they serve pancakes—available in two different batter styles: James Beard (sour cream—they're super-fluffy and are the ones that appear in Neistat's video) or sourdough—topped with bananas and toasted walnuts, tart blueberry sauce, chocolate chips, Nutella with concord grape jam, and/or Sullivan County Farms fried chicken with bourbon maple syrup. This pancake mix is the super fluffy sour cream version.

Griffin Shapiro / Courtesy Bubby's

Here's where to get it: . If you make Bubby's pancakes at home, take a photo and tag us on Instagram !

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