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Chicago Travel Guide

Chicago Travel Guide

F&W’s Chicago travel guide features spectacular Chicago restaurants, craft cocktail bars, and brunch specialists. Plus: delicious recipes from Chicago’s greatest chefs.

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Foodie Ho Public Chicago

Public Chicago

Celeb hotelier Ian Schrager tones down his usual over-the-top style at his first Midwestern hotel. At night, the Pump Room restaurant becomes a 1930s-style supper club with small plates from superchef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. The lobby minibar sells local snacks like Garrett Popcorn and Cora Lee Candies. .

More Hotels for Food Lovers
Chicago Restaurants: Girl & the Goat

Editor’s Pick

 Chicago in 10 delicious plates.
Resident Planner

The mission: dinner in Chicago. The hitch: There are at least eight of you. No need to settle for something sprawling or subpar; some of the city’s finest can handle a group that size—even on short notice.

Graham Elliot
Expert Guide

Graham Elliot Tolerates Deep-Dish Pizza, Mows Down Steamed Buns

The chef reveals where he eats on his days off and says what he really thinks of the city’s famous deep-dish pizza.

Aviary’s High-Tech Cocktails
Best Bars

The Aviary

At chef Grant Achatz’s state-of-the-art cocktail lounge, expert mixologists use a double-chamber vacuum pot to create the Rooibos cocktail.

Where to Drink Wine in Chicago

Where to Drink Wine in Chicago

Michael Muser of Chicago’s Grace is one of mkgalleryamp; Wine’s amazing 2014 Sommeliers of the Year. Here are his top 10 places for wine in his city.


Chicago Chef Recipes




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