Hate Peeps? The #PeepsMassacre hashtag was made for you.

By Danica Lo
April 12, 2017
© 2011 Amber Norris Photography
Amber Norris Photography

Love 'em or hate 'em, Peeps are inescapable this time of year. Peeps Oreos have been haunting us since launching in mid-February. One of our favorite frozen custard chains recently debuted Peeps-flavored Italian ices. And just last week, a competitive eater scarfed 255 of the fluffy marshmallow-y ducks and bunnies in a five-minute binge session. But if you count yourself among those who can't stand the sight of Peeps' cute little blank-staring-into-space faces, have we got the social media hashtag for you.

Say hello to #PeepsMassacre, an Instagram hashtag spectacle rife with pink marshmallow genocide. It's where 'grammers brutally slaughter Peeps with pizza cutters:

Instagram @wrensma

Line them up and shoot 'em with silly string:

Instagram @emilykindle

Stab them with a chef's knife (the old fashioned way):

Instagram @amywiseman_1

Mashing them up to create some kind of Peeps salad: