How nice would shiny new appliances look on this kitchen counter?
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You can't go wrong with any of these classic countertop appliances—they're all perfect for Mother's Day!

Danica Lo
April 24, 2017
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Looking for a Mother's Day gift idea that is pretty much guaranteed to please? Consider a premium countertop appliance—a classic kitchen statement piece from a brand that has stood the test of time.

If your mom loves blended coffees, smoothies, and shakes, consider splurging and spoiling her with a  ($390), which is one of the best on the market right now. Bonus: if you're lucky, she might make you a breakfast smoothie.

If your mom watches TV, she's probably seen the ($80) and considered springing for the very cool individual-sized blender. Why not surprise her with one this Mother's Day?

There's a reason so many newlyweds register for the ($279)—it's sleek and solid, a status countertop fixture that says: I am more than competent in the kitchen, especially in the baked goods department. If your mom has always wanted one, now is the time to make her stand mixer dreams come true.

A fancy espresso and coffee setup in the kitchen is great for moms who love to entertain. This ($135) comes with all the bells and whistles, with a price tag that's much lower that you might expect.

Does your mom prefer tea to coffee? Optimize her teatime experience with this super-fancy ($250), which undulates loose tea leaves in a carefully regulated pattern to produce the perfect cuppa. OK, sure, it sounds extreme, but if you are a tea lover, you know there's nothing like the absolute perfect brew.

If you have a mom who strongly prefers a home-cooked meal to eating out, consider helping her save some time by springing for this ($50). Then direct her to our round-up of best slow cooker recipes—a list that's chock full of ideas of delicious dishes great for the whole family.

If your mom is a fan of TV cooking shows, you might have seen her eye some of the professional chefs' high-end food processors. They make cooking so much easier (and more fun!). Spoil her this Mother's Day by getting her this , which is one of the best-reviewed appliances around.

For any mom keen on healthy eating and/or cooking for a large family, an indoor electric grill is indispensable. This ($80) is great for steaks, vegetables, and even paninis.


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