Avoid the cold by ordering the new line of housing essentials from Jet.com.

By Charlie Heller
October 27, 2017
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Courtesy of Jet.com

Fall is finally here, which means winter is just around the corner. Which means it's not long before you'll be going outside as little as possible. Unfortunately, this timing coincides with the holidays, and that means guests, dinners, and cooking. And all of that means using up a lot of stuff, much of which you'll have to clean up. With so much cooking and cleaning, 'tis the season for trips to the store.

This time, though, you can stay warm, and stock up your home with Jet.com's new Uniquely J line of everyday essentials. With BPA-free plastic storage, plant-based cleaning products, organic, fair trade coffee, and more, these nine Uniquely J items will help you keep your home full for the winter—and with the magic of online ordering, there's no need to brave the cold to get them.

Avocado Oil, $8

Courtesy of Jet.com

Sure, Olive Oil is cool, but why not give your meals a unique twist with high smoke point, healthy fat-filled avocado oil instead?

Clean Living All Purpose Cleaning Wipes, Lemon Thyme Basil, $5

Courtesy of Jet.com

Clean up that post-cooking, post-meal mess with these all-purpose wipes, which are safe to use on non-porous surfaces from the countertop, to the bathroom floor.

Peruvian Single Serve Coffee, Organic, and Fair Trade, Medium Roast, $20