"Honesty" is a qualification on the job description. 

Elisabeth Sherman
Updated February 09, 2018

Everyone loves to eat chocolate, but do you think you could turn that guilty pleasure skill into an actual job? If the answer is yes, Mondelez International, the confectionary company that owns Oreo cookies and Cadbury chocolate, is looking for you. The company is currently hiring professional (and yes, paid) chocolate taste testers.

Mondelez International is hoping to fill four paid, part-time positions, , including a Chocolate & Cocoa Beverage Taster and Chocolate Taster. 

You’ll work just 7.5 hours per week, and be required to provide the company with “objective and honest feedback,” on the products you’ll taste. It's so important to the company that new hires be able to explain exactly how the chocolate tastes that it actually lists “honesty,” as one of the job requirements.

Last time Mondelez International opened up taste tester job postings, the company received more than 1,000 applications in just one day, so if you’re planning on applying you’ll probably be up against some stiff competition. You’ll likely have to prove not just why you love chocolate—because who doesn’t really?—but why you’re also committed to helping develop quality candy products for the rest of the world. Having a sweet tooth probably isn't enough to snag this job. 

Apply for one of the positions at the  before the application deadline of February 16. If you’ve always been passionate about chocolate, think that you have a discerning palate and want to have a say in the new sweets that are soon to hit the market, this might just be your dream job. For everyone else who enjoys the occasional chocolate bar after a hard day at the office, you might want to stick to your day job.  



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