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The tastiest way to cut back on waste.

Clara Olshansky
January 02, 2018

Okay, so we know that paper coffee cups aren't actually recyclable, which means coffee cups pretty much go straight from your hand into landfill. There are some pretty creative solutions out there, like plantable coffee cups and coffee cups made out of coffee husk, and you can (and should!) bring your own travel mugs to coffee shops, but there's also a more fun way to save on coffee cup waste: eat your cup when you're done with these coffee cups made out of food.

Doughnut Coffee Cups

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At the in the town of Kenilworth in Queensland, Australia, you can try the doughnut coffee cup, a cinnamon doughnut with a Nutella-coated hollow middle that gets filled with coffee or hot chocolate, designed by their barista Fernando Santi.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Shots

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Another Australian option: the "Cookie Shotz" from in Perth, which also come in chocolate cookie, red velvet, and matcha, among other flavors. If you want to try it yourself, you can buy your own cookie shooters baking set .

The Scoff-ee Cup

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You may remember KFC UK's rather different approach to the cookie-based coffee cup, called the Scoff-ee cup, which was infused with coconut, grass, and wildflower scents, wrapped with sugar paper, and iced with white chocolate.


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(slogan: "The World's Most Instgrammable Coffee") is just what it sounds like: espressos and cappuccinos served in chocolate-coated ice cream cones. They have locations in the U.S., South Africa, Hong Kong, Canada, Germany, Australia, Kuwait, and Lebanon.

Chocolate Wafer Cups

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It's kind of like coffee in a cone, except that it's not conical. You can buy espresso, macchiato, or cortado in these wafer cups from in Essex, England for £2.95, which is about US$4. 

Chocolate Coffee Cups

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For the sweetest option of all, try drinking your coffee out of a coffee cup made completely out of chocolate. Of course, chocolate melts, so you may want to go for iced coffee if you don’t want to end up with your hands covered in sticky, chocolatey coffee cup.



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