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If you didn't get an engagement ring cookie, are you even really engaged? 

Nina Friend
August 08, 2018

The Royal Wedding is long over, but wedding season is still in full swing, and that goes for engagement season, too. (You mean it doesn't feel like everyone around you is popping the question?) Instagram-driven trends to inspire this year’s brides- and grooms-to-be come with the territory, of course. Step aside, doughnut walls and naked cakes. Blinged-out cookies decorated to look like ring-sporting hands are in.

Case in point, this special order from in Chicago, that helped my friend celebrate her engagement. You have to, um, hand it to them. They're pretty adorable.

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A cookie lover myself, I may have been just as excited about the cookie with the matching ring (and manicure!) as I was about the engagement. So I wondered, "Is this a thing?" Instagram confirms: Yes, it is. Very much so.

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As it turns out, hand cookies have been making great engagement photo ops for a while now. Of course, they'd make great wedding favors, too. 

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Warning: Not all hand cookie decorations may be edible.

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But that's okay.

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If jewels and ribbons aren’t your thing, there are pared-down renditions with simple embellishments:

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And not all hand cookies need to be about getting married, either.

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Making quite the show of hands, they're a delightful way to celebrate really any occasion. 

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