The chef was ted filming promos for the project in London.

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated: August 10, 2017
Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

Is Gordon Ramsay exploring a second career as an investigative reporter? The British chef was recently ting filming a promo for a documentary on an unexpected topic: the Colombian drug trade.

The documentary has been in the works since early 2017, but the public already got a tease of the project: In late July, visitors to London’s Wimbledon Common saw Gordon Ramsay—face caked with fake mud—riding in an army truck marked Policia. The scene rightfully caused confusion and eventually a spokesperson for the network where the documentary will air, ITV, had to step in to that the footage Ramsay was seen shooting was “not for the documentary,” but rather “conceptual marketing.”

Apparently, Ramsay did go to Colombia to shoot the documentary, according to the . But yesterday, caught wind of rumors that Ramsay was hesitant to return to Colombia to film teasers for the documentary because of potential dangers he might face. According to the unnamed source, Ramsay also fears for the safety of his family.

Ramsay has publicly admitted that he might be putting himself at risk by signing on to the project. Earlier this year, the Scottish Mail on Sunday, “I’ve been in a safety briefing all morning for something pretty hostile — we’re going [to] Colombia…They’re putting me under a trauma test for the sake of being shot and kidnapped.” While it's fair to stay skeptical of the rumors, Ramsay's concerns aren’t anything unwarranted.

Gossip aside, it’s interesting to see the chef branch out from his comfort zone and appear on a television program that has more to do with global politics than eating. Although this is only speculation, there’s a chance he could be taking the Anthony Bourdain route and starting focus more on food from a political angle. There’s no word on an official premiere date for the documentary, although it’s expected to be released this fall.


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