Courtesy of IKEA Japan

Because what's comfier than a good dessert?

Clara Olshansky
Updated February 07, 2018

Finally, a dessert that tastes the way that sitting on an Ikea couch feels…is basically the idea behind this new dessert at Japan's Ikea locations. The new "Love on Sofa" parfait is a berry-flavored, four-layered dessert topped with an edible couch with a little heart on top of it (you know, in case you forgot it was "Love on Sofa").

Courtesy of IKEA Japan

The idea for the parfait came from an Ikea Japan contest that roughly translates as "The Dream Dessert Illustration Contest." The Love on Sofa, which won out of 400 submissions for new Ikea desserts, was submitted by Keno Kono, and, according to Ikea Japan's , inspired by a conversation with Kono's daughter. The two were looking at an Ikea catalogue and discussing how fun it would be if the couch became a parfait.

The "Love on Sofa" parfait features a layer of raspberry mousse, a layer of blueberry jam, a slice of rich brownie, and a layer of meringue. It's part of a line of limited edition desserts that also includes a triple berry soufflé, a chocolate soufflé roll cake, a quark cheese mousse, a very berry cheesecake, and an "Amore" mont blanc. A portion of the proceeds from these desserts will go to , a charity that fights child labor in Ghana.

Courtesy of IKEA Japan
Courtesy of IKEA Japan
Courtesy of IKEA Japan

The "Love on Sofa" parfait costs 500 Japanese Yen, which is about US$4.60. It's available as part of Ikea Japan's Desserts Fair, available at most Japanese Ikea locations from tomorrow (February 8) to Wednesday, March 14. (Unfortunately, no, though the promotion goes until Pi Day, none of the desserts available are in fact pies.) As a bonus, you get to keep the Ikea 365+ glass that the parfait comes in, so you can always remember that time that you ate a tiny couch for dessert.

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