The dessert restaurant and bakery is now in six cities spanning the U.S. and Canada.

By Bridget Hallinan
January 29, 2019

For all you cereal milk and crack pie (if you know, you know) fans out there, clear your calendars—this weekend, Milk Bar will officially debut its first Massachusetts location in Cambridge, reports This marks the dessert restaurant and bakery's sixth city since it opened in New York in 2008, with other locations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Toronto, and Washington D.C. Bostonians and Cambridge residents clamoring to get their hands on some Instagram-famous soft serve will find doors open at the Harvard Square location this Saturday, February 2 at 11 am—and if they're in the mood for something savory, they can grab pizza too.


Yes—pizza. But it’s not made by Milk Bar. The baked goods haven will be sharing their space with &pizza, a D.C. pizza chain  (since expanded to other locations around the country) that’s famous for delivering its pies on a conveyor belt—and also making its Massachusetts debut. It’s especially great news for Harvard students, who can order from either joint up until 2 a.m. on the weekends—late night pizza and soft serve sounds pretty great by us. This isn’t the first time Milk Bar and &pizza have collaborated, either—in 2017, they partnered to launch a soda and cookie combo, the “Cereal Milk Cream Soda Cookie,” and “Cereal Milk Cream Soda,” which are both available on &pizza’s menu.


Even if Cambridge is a bit of a hike for you, there’s incentive to be there on opening day. Milk Bar’s famous soft serve (get the Ceral Milk encrusted with Corn Flakes), will be available for just $1 all day, according to their Instagram, and &pizza will be offering up $5 pies as well. The first 100 customers can also expect to receive goodie bags, according to And, similarly to when Milk Bar opened in Los Angeles this past September, there’s going to be location-specific menu items. L.A. saw chorizo-and-egg pastries and elote cornbread, as previously reported by mkgalleryamp; Wine; for the Boston area, there’s one clear choice, and that’s a riff on Boston cream pie. Christina Tosi, Milk Bar’s founder, chef, and owner, created an indulgent adaptation dubbed the “Boston Cream Pie Milkquake,” which combines yellow cake, fudge sauce, cereal milk soft serve, and liquid cheesecake—need we say more?

“When we were working on this, we thought, ‘How do we want to write our love letter to the Boston cream pie?’” Tosi told Eater. “I had a single bite of this milkquake, and someone literally screeched the record, dropped the mic—this is it.”