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‘MySip’ also protects your lips from those sharp metal edges.

Mike Pomranz
Updated February 05, 2018

It’s a known but accepted hazard of drinking canned beverages. You grab the can out of the fridge or cooler or vending machine, glance down toward the top, and are confronted with that deep indentation around the rim. What’s hiding in there? All sorts of goodies, possibly: dirt or dust or anonymous sticky goo. Most of us have learned to just give it a quick t-shirt wipe down and then try to not worry about it, but one inventor believes there’s a better way.

Marcin Lolik created MySip, a silicone mouthpiece that slips onto the top of a can to prevent your mouth from actually coming into with the metal. “MySip is a simple tool which protects the can users not only from contamination on the outside of a can but also its sharp edges,” he . “After opening the can, the user can insert the gadget in the drinking hole and enjoy safe drinking. It makes your drink always safe no matter where you are.” So think of it as kind of like a reusable mouth condom for canned beverage consumption. Or maybe definitely don’t think of it that way.

MySip is one of those paradoxical products that is as logical and intuitive as it is bizarre and seemingly unnecessary. But Lolik said he got the idea after a real-life incident: A friend apparently got sick from a can contaminated with bacteria while traveling through Asia. “It was then that I realized I could do something to stop this from happening again and protect the consumer,” he stated. “The product took one year to develop from the initial idea to the first prototype. We currently have pending patent applications in the EU, US, Japan and China.”

However, here’s some bad news for all of you germaphobes (or easily-cut, clumsy can drinkers) out there: MySip—which is based in Poland—currently doesn’t have any of these mouth protectors available for sale. Instead, Lolik said he’s looking for a partner to help him bring the product to market. So we’ll just have to wait and see if this is the little can liner that can.



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