Three Day Monk

You can order one online!

Caitlin Petreycik
Updated October 08, 2018

When it comes to Drinking Vessels That Are Ready to Party, the hierarchy goes something like this: champagne flutes, red solo cups, shot glasses, ice shot glasses, kegs, and ice luges. Some people may think kegs deserve the top —and that’s a valid opinion!—but, let’s think about it. A keg is beer plus a red solo cup, minus the red solo cup, plus attention. An ice luge is a shot plus a shot glass, minus the shot glass, plus attention. It’s just math. 

Actually acquiring an ice luge, however, isn't nearly as fun as using one. You either have to shell out for a professional ice sculptor (most luges start in the $300 zone, and arrangements need to be made days or weeks in advance), or settle for a luge mold—the kind you fill up in your sink and then pop in the freezer (cute, but not really big enough for that shot to gather momentum). Luckily, —a New York City-based ice carving company that caters to cocktail bars—stepped up with the launch of , a line of portable, $220 ice luges, delivered straight to your doorstep. 

Studio founder (and master ice carver) Shintaro Okamoto created over 50 designs. Like, a birthday luge. 

Three Day Monk

A patriotic luge. 

Three Day Monk

Signs of the zodiac luges (luge-ing at a party is such a Leo move). 

Three Day Monk

And a luge that says, "live every day like it's arm day." Hashtag gymlife, hashtag parkour. 

Three Day Monk

Each Fun Luge (available at ) measures 24 inches high and 15 inches wide, and comes with a light-up base featuring eight different color settings. Once it's set up—cotton gloves are included with every purchase, to help position the block of ice—it'll last anywhere from four to six hours (depending on things like the temperature of the room, exposure to direct sunlight, and frequent touching). 

So far, these open bar centerpieces are only available in New York City (customers can either pick up their Fun Luge at Okamoto Studios in Long Island City, or have it delivered within the five boroughs for a fee of $100). But it's a relatively new idea! One that will hopefully catch on with more ice carving studios, in other parts of the country. 



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