Algae chips and Swedish Neatballs, anyone?

By Bridget Hallinan
May 28, 2019

A few months ago, we first got word of Space10’s upcoming cookbook—Future Food Today—which focuses on “delicious, sustainable and future-proof recipes that help us eat better, both for ourselves and the planet.” The Copenhagen-based innovation lab, which is supported by Ikea, is known for some pretty out-there dishes. Hot dogs are made from carrots and served in spirulina buns; instead of your typical cookie dough-studded ice cream, their version is flavored with micro greens. It certainly sounds like the food of the future—and now that the cookbook is almost here, we got to see some of the recipes firsthand. 

Courtesy of Space10

Among instructions for casually building your own tabletop hydroponics system and making spirulina, you’ll find several meals inside: a "Holy Mole Fish Taco," “Lean Green Tagine,” and “Non-Avocado Toast,” among others. (Avocados, they say, aren’t the best choice for the planet, so they provide alternatives to avocado toast with locally-grown asparagus, creamy seed paste, and more.) Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Just wait until you get to the Bug Burger—yes, you read that correctly. Each recipe has an ingredient list and step-by-step instructions with pictures to match, along with tips for how to serve it. We went through and found some of the most inventive dishes—we repeat, Bug Burger—with photos to match. Check them out below:

Swedish Neatballs

Kasper Kristoffersen

The “Swedish Neatball” is Space10’s take on Ikea’s signature Swedish Meatballs—gravy-laden and glorious. The Neatball is designed to get people to think about reducing their meat consumption, so instead of meat, you have two protein options—bugs, or nuts and grains. Just like Ikea, the cookbook still recommends serving them with lingonberry sauce and mashed potatoes, with recipes for those as well.

Kasper Kristoffersen

Dogless Hot Dog

Kasper Kristoffersen

The Dogless Hot Dog, as aforementioned, is another meat-free version of a classic. The bright green bun replaces your typical white bread with spirulina, honey, fresh yeast, wheat flour, and more; mustard and turmeric mayo and beet and berry ketchup are the key condiments. And as for the “hot dog” itself, you swap beef for carrots, poached and roasted until they’ve got a chewy consistency. Top everything off with pickled cucumbers and roasted onions and you’ve got yourself the hot dog of tomorrow.