Courtesy of Melissa Rachel Black

Vincent van Gogh's swirling masterpiece re-imagined with everything from latte foam to gummy bears.

Clara Olshansky
August 16, 2017

You don't have to be an art nerd to be a fan of The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh—it's right up there with the Mona Lisa when it comes to paintings that even people living under a rock are familiar with. It was only a matter of time before it even found its way to your dining room table. Here are eight impressive food art recreations of the iconic painting.

The Time It Was Recreated in Gummy Bears

Courtesy of Melissa Rachel Black

Artist recreated the famous painting entirely out of gummy bears.

The Time It Was Recreated in Bacon

A post shared by Bacon and Beer Classic (@bandbclassic) on

Thought oil paints were greasy? They've got nothing on the bacon used to make this hunger-inducing recreation.

The Time It Was Recreated as a Pancake 

I won't cut off my ear if you don't like it.

Keep those donations coming!

— brady phelps (@LobShots)

You could have both your pancakes and your bacon Starry Night-style with this colorful pancake version of the painting.

The Time It Was Recreated from Cinnamon and Oats 

© Sarah Rosado

For a more nutritious breakfast, check out version, created from cinnamon and oats and surrounded by fruits.

The Time It Was Recreated in an Eggshell 

A post shared by Süreyya Noyan (@sureyya.noyan) on

Eggs for breakfast? Even the shell's an opportunity to pay tribute to art history, as evidenced by this tiny recreation of Starry Night inside an eggshell.

The Time It Was Recreated on Latte Foam 

A post shared by 이강빈 (@leekangbin91) on

If you want your Starry Night breakfast to have a Starry Night cup of coffee on the side, check out this amazing latte art homage to the painting.

The Time It Was Recreated as a Cake

A post shared by Maria A. Aristidou (@ma_aris) on

This gorgeous cake might win the prize for most faithful recreation of the painting. After all, van Gogh's painting style already looks kind of like frosting.

The Time It Was Recreated in All Kinds of Food 

Something different: Van Gogh's Starry Night (1889) in wild rice, blueberries and pasta by Tatiana Shkondina

— Nicky Lobo (@nicky_lobo)

This beautiful tribute to the painting is made out of wild rice, blueberries and pasta, which, it turns out, are a gorgeous combination.



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