Courtesy of Kyle Toth /

Making a wooden pizza is neither practical nor edible, but it sure is cool to watch.

Mike Pomranz
December 11, 2017

Pizza is one of those meal staples that lots of people shy away from making at home. A perfect pie starts with great dough—which can be a bit tricky. Then there’s the whole oven issue: Sadly, most houses don’t come with a brick wood-burning oven. Still, if you’re looking to build your at-home pizza-making confidence, here’s a video that might inspire you—because making a pizza you can eat out of dough, sauce and cheese certainly has to a heck of a lot easier than making one you can’t eat out of wood.

Kyle Toth has become a bit of woodworking YouTube celebrity thanks to his popular videos making everything from beautiful practical items, like a “,” to purely artistic endeavors like a “.” His latest video—“”—clearly falls in the latter category: This is not a pie you will want to eat, unless you like the wooden flavors of “bloodwood for the pepperoni, Yellowheart for the cheese and hickory for the crust.” Still, the resulting wooden pizza for wooden pizza’s sake is impressive not just for its aesthetic appeal, but due to the difficulty of the project: From the slightly upturned pepperonis that look like they have been cooked to a perfect crisp to the etching detail of the cheese to even the basic task of sanding down a round crust, this project is not for a beginners’ shop class.

Courtesy of Kyle Toth /

Unfortunately for pizza art fans, Toth’s handcrafted wooden pie is not currently . However, seeing as one of the woodworker’s exquisitely handcrafted products like a carved wine holder sells for $145, it might be best that you can’t be tempted to shell out whatever the asking price for this wooden pizza would be. You’d probably have to skip a few real pizza dinners to be able to afford it.



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