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Create impact in your home with the best tricks around

Jennifer Louise
Updated October 31, 2017

Creating impact can be tricky. There’s a fine line between impactful and over powering but with our top five tricks, we’ll show you how to experiment with lighting, use colour and pattern to your advantage. All help you to boldly and be brave with what you have.


1. Make a statement with lighting

A series of pendant lights, as opposed to a single fitting, will give the illusion of both length and space, while wall or floor lights add depth. Be sure to choose light fittings that suit the size of the room – too large and the space will feel cramped and too bright.

2. Go for broke with pattern

The trick with pattern is to play with different scales. Too many patterns the same size just looks fusty and old fashioned (that was Granny’s trick, time to move on!). Contrasting a flamboyant wallpaper with bold furniture to bring a bit of drama to a small reading corner.

3. Add high-contrast details

Adding a pop of colour to a neutral scheme is a great way to be playful without having to invest too much. Whether it’s adding some neon piping to your favourite cushions to give them a new breath of life or painting a door in a bright shade that will really turn a few heads.


4. Play with the unexpected

And if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Why not continue wallpapering right up and across the ceiling? It’s a great way to add a sense of drama. Big bold upscaled stripes put a modern twist on a classic pattern.

5. Use stop-in-their-tracks colour

There’s no need to be afraid of colour. Use a dark shade to envelope a space creating a cocooning effect, the richer, more jewel shades, the more sophisticated and luxe the effect.

6. Introduce a statement patterned fabric

A couple of metres of fabric in a bold print is all it takes to transform a dining room. Choose a fabric in a colourway that contrasts with walls to highlight a focal point or to zone a particular area of the room. Replace your curtains or blind with a more vibrant design, or, for a zero-effort approach, simply hem a length of fabric and throw it over your table to use as a tablecloth.

7. Paste up an eye-catching mural

Transform a kitchen-diner by hanging up a large wall mural. Choose a design that complements your existing colour scheme so it looks like it’s been there all along – this beige design fits in beautifully with this neutral scheme. Position furniture around the mural to allow it to shine out as the focal point of the room.


8. Hang up a large retro-style clock

Channel a Seventies vibe in a home office by adding a mix of urban metal and cork finishes. Fix an oversized metal clock to the wall above your desk for instant impact, then balance out its proportions by hanging a floating shelf beneath it and a row of corkboards alongside it. Line up a few metal accessories on the shelf to unite your instant updates into one cohesive scheme.

9. Create a display of family photos

Make a desk area more inviting by hanging up groups of pictures. Fix a peg rail to the wall above your desk then rummage through your snaps and choose photographs that share a common theme so that your display looks considered rather than thrown together. Pop them inside a mix of black and white picture frames, then use a length of rope to tie the frames together in sets of three. Loop the rope over the pegs for a simple, relaxed display.

We know how it is – you’ve grown a little bit bored of your decorating scheme, but you haven’t got the time or energy to start from scratch all over again. All you need to love it again is a statement update. These simple ideas will give your room the refresh you’re longing for in no time at all – what are you waiting for?!

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