Jessica Leigh Mattern
Updated April 08, 2019
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Instead of shelling out extra dollars to load up your coffee with several espresso shots, this seriously delicious brew — which claims to be the “strongest coffee in the world” — may be just that extra kick of caffeine you’ve been looking for.

Grab yourself a and you can brew yourself a cup that packs  “bold,” “smooth,” and “chocolate-y” flavor, according to Amazon shoppers, along with an impressive amount of caffeine. No fancy barista training required.

While your typical , contains an impressive 736 milligrams of caffeine per cup with rich flavor. “Our coffee is around five to six times stronger than the ‘usual coffee,’” Alexander Sacken, the company’s director, tells PEOPLE.

The brand’s coffee is also stronger than a large dark roast from , which contains around 340 milligrams of caffeine, as well as a can of which contains around 80 milligrams.

Reviewers say it’s tasty, too. “Usually the ‘strongest coffee in the world’ gimmick leads to burnt, low-quality coffee, but I was pleasantly surprised by how good this coffee is,” one reviewer wrote. Robust beans give the drink its flavor and caffeine sans “a burnt and high acidic flavor,” according to the company.  

Buy It! Black Insomnia Coffee, $19.99;

“This is hands down the best flavored coffee I have ever tasted,” another chimed in. “The caffeine buzz is also incredibly clear (best way I can explain it) — not jittery, just a burst of energy.”

And while its rich flavor may make you want to throw back , you should probably keep your caffeine habits in mind before you sip away. The says most adults can safely consume around 400 milligrams a day, though some people may be able to tolerate more depending on their metabolism and sensitivity to caffeine.

“I don’t have it every day, but it does the trick in a tricky ,” one Amazon shopper commented. Monday mornings don’t sound so bad now, do they?

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