Take a look at these amazing and inspirational houses from the wonderful minds of children brought to life with 3D illustration

By Rachel Homer
October 11, 2017

We at Ideal Home love a ‘before and after’ story but we’ve never seen any quite as wonderful and whimsical as these clever creations. Innovated  by online furniture and homeware company, Made.com, a collection of UK school children aged 4-12 were commissioned to produce their own designs/blueprints for how they envisaged our homes to look in the future.

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Made.com then took their original drawings and had them professionally mocked up using industry standard architectural design software – to create life-like images and the results look about as real and wonderful as can be.

The project looked into the minds of young people to find out what interests, motivates and secures them when thinking of ‘home’ and the environment around them. Here is what Made.com found:

1. Children are mindful of the environment You will see from the piece that when asked to draw our plans for how they thought our homes would look in the future, they displayed a clear concern for the environment, even at such an early age. Multiple designs feature eco-friendly fixtures – and one eight year old from Crawley has designed a forest based tree-home with sustainability in mind. Isla, 10, has designed something which powers itself completely, with solar panels covering all of the exterior walls and roof.

​2. Our budding young architects are also concerned with safety at home and even seem to be prepping for war: Kaya, aged 12 from Esher, has opted to add a stealthy touch to her future home by making it completely camouflaged come nightfall, while seven year old Ellis from Essex has opted for titanium bricks and bullet proof windows and even a steel roof – leaving a house that is feasibly fit for war.