Are you a carefree kitsch lover or a perfectionist princess? We expose what your Christmas decorating says about you.

By Jennifer Louise
November 08, 2017
Tim Macpherson/Getty Images

Just as you reveal a lot about your personality from the way you stack your dishwasher and pile up your pantry, your Christmas decorations can also be a bit of an eye-opener.

Some get a little carried away at Christmas – and that’s okay, it’s in their DNA, whilst others prefer something a little understated because they aren’t expecting tonnes of guests and enjoy something fuss-free and intimate…see, we’re good at this.

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So, as you begin to think about hunting the forest for this year’s tree and hauling decorations from the loft over the next few weeks, see what your guests can tell from your table setting or how Santa knows if you’re more naughty than nice from your noel colour scheme…

If you prefer a country Christmastide…

If you’ve decked your inglenook in festive foliage draped from the beams, your tree has acquired a red theme with elements of nature and you’ve chucked a load of tartan in for good measure, then you are a traditionalist. You value Christmas customs, cooking a banquet for your family and sitting in the armchair next to the crackling fire sipping brandy and munching a mince pie at night.

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If you love quirky Christmas curios

You are larger than life and use Christmas as an opportunity to stretch your fashion credentials – singing reindeer toys don’t excite you unless they are life-size. Amidst your existing idiosyncratic furniture you will be packing in off-the-wall designs like spindly Christmas trees sprayed black, ginormous paper lanterns and pile presents on your giraffe’s back – because you will own a giraffe, naturally.

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If you adore the glitz and glam