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Van ham is literally ham sold out the back of a van, FYI. 

Stacey Leasca
June 06, 2018

It’s practically summer, which means George and Amal Clooney are likely about to spend an unfair amount of time in Europe, and especially Italy. Last month alone they were ted in their go-to vacation , , over George's birthday weekend, and then made a head-turning appearance in England for . This past weekend they were seen in Sardinia, Italy, riding together on a motorcycle, according to the .

George, who was at the wheel, looked dapper as ever in a white polo shirt and jeans, while Amal looked gorgeous in a white top and ruffled skirt. Both, of course, wore helmets for the ride.

The Daily Mail pointed out that the pair appeared to leave their two children behind for a day of romance.

More pics of Amal and George Clooney in Sardinia, Italy

— Amal Clooney Style (@Amal_Style1)

They were even ted enjoying a romantic dinner at the restaurant . There, Amal wore the look of the summer— a vintage Valentino printed dress. (You can copy her style with a .)

Amal and George Clooney have been ted at the restaurant Il Portolano in Porto San Paolo, Sardinia. Amal Clooney is wearing a vintage dress.

— Amal Clooney Style (@Amal_Style1)

“Amal is sort of this remarkable human being, and now mother, which is something I suppose you should assume she'd be wonderful at as well, but when you see it in person it makes you feel incredibly proud - and incredibly small,” George has said of his wife. “'I have always felt a great sense of responsibility to other people in the world, but when you have children of your own, you realize you are responsible for their lives in a way you haven't been before.”

And though a motorcycle ride is great, it appears George got even more into the local scene when he stopped by a roadside van that was selling meat (including sausage links and prosciutto) and cheese out of its trunk.

shuns his Hollywood glamour as he buys cheese from a roadside vendor in

— Discover Sardinia (@365Sardinia)

As explained, George, who is in Italy to shoot the film “Catch-22” alongside Hugh Laurie, was ted sampling some of the cheeses and cured meats before picking up a few items to bring home to his family.

You too can go buy some “van ham,” as The Blast called it, in Sardinia for a local experience. We also suggest you visit the island's for gorgeous, quiet beaches and more must-try cuisine.

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