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Andrea Romano
Updated April 08, 2019

If you’ve ever dreamt of going to Hogwarts, here’s your chance to catch your train.

A “real-life” Hogwarts Express is running between April and October to take all Potterheads on a journey through the Scottish countryside, reported.

Sadly, the train doesn’t depart from the “real” Platform 9 and ¾ at Kings Cross Station. Instead, the train, operated by , leaves from Fort William, about a two-hour drive from Glasgow, and runs to Mallaig in the Highlands of Scotland.

Even though you’re not exactly going to a wizarding school, the train is the company’s famous Jacobite Steam Train, which looks a lot like the train in the Harry Potter films. So feel free to live out your wizard fantasies.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the only Hogwarts Express train in the U.K. Another train, operated by the , also treats passengers to a Harry Potter experience, including a stop at Goathland station, which was featured as “Hogsmeade Station” in the films.

back in 2017, departing from Jefferson Station to a special Harry Potter-themed event.

Of course, if you’re a Potterhead in Scotland, you can always plan your own, where J.K. Rowling got most of her inspiration for locations in the books.

Tickets for the West Coast Railways Hogwarts Express are $50 for an adult and $28 for a child (up to age 12), and there will be two services per day from May to September. For more information, visit the .

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