How to break down onions quickly and keep crying to a minimum.

By Stacey Ballis
June 27, 2019
Karen Rankin

Onions are in almost every type of savory cooking. But chopping them is usually the prep work that we want to hand off to someone else. I do not love cutting onions, as I am particularly susceptible to the gasses that make you cry, and I hate the smell on my hands. So, I have learned how to break down onions quickly and efficiently so that I can get on to other more enjoyable tasks. Here are my best tips for cutting up onions for any application.

Choose your onion

Onions come in all sorts of sizes and colors. With the exception of Vidalia or sweet onions, which are extra sweet, white, yellow, and red onions are pretty interchangeable from a culinary perspective. Choose onions that are solid and hard like baseballs, don’t have soft or mushy s, and have a taut outer skin. They should feel heavy for their size and should not have any green sprouts coming out of the top.

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Prep your onion