Want to whip up a fudge cake with Nigella or poach a salmon with Mrs. Patmore? We just want a taste of these beautiful kitchen interiors

By Ideal Home
January 23, 2018
Paul Drinkwater/Getty Images

You can name that famous kitchen with just a flash of a bar stool or the opening of a pantry cupboard. You can practically smell the sticky incense of those steaming, meaty ribs and when you hear the snap of a crisp cracker you’re already raiding your food cupboard. If you weren’t looking forward to lunch already, you are now!

The power of the TV kitchen is captivating. They’ve helped us lose weight, gain weight and salivate – here are the most iconic…


Mismatched chairs, bright blue kitchen cupboards, an angular window draped in a bright yellow floral curtain – it can only be Monica’s kitchen. It may be shabby, it may not be chic, but it’s pretty special and we wouldn’t mind sharing a turkey with Joey here.

Downton Abbey

Is anyone with us when we say we are envious of Mrs. Patmore’s subterranean kitchen? With an abbey of AGAs, a collection of beautiful brass pots and old-school kitchen devices, we would love to cook in that scullery any day.

Nigella Lawson

Nigella’s cooking show had us all waiting with baited breath – no, not for the indulgent pleasures that awaited us, but for her new kitchen. Well, she didn’t disappoint with a candy coloured look with matching gadgets.

Great British Bake Off