Honestly, could she be any cuter?

By Meghan Overdeep
March 01, 2019

Just when we thought that Jennifer Garner couldn’t possibly get any more relatable (or adorable), she went and did this.

A handful of lucky California shoppers were surprised to find an apron-clad Garner handing out free samples among the aisles of bulk goods at a Los Angeles Costco earlier this week. The 46-year-old actress appeared to be all smiles as she treated customers to a taste of organic, cold-pressed smoothies from Once Upon a Farm, the line of baby foods she helped co-found.

"As a mom of three and Save the Children artist ambassador, I am passionate about childhood nutrition and making sure we are leaving a healthier and happier planet for the next generation," Garner said in a 2017 news release. "Once Upon a Farm helps parents keep their promise to deliver the best nourishment for their children's bodies and souls."

Sadly, the dairy-free, no-sugar-added, organic smoothies are currently only available at the Los Angeles and Bay Area Costco locations. But we have our fingers crossed that, with a little help from Garner, they’ll be rolled out nationwide soon.