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Sid’s back-to-school fare joins an impressive lineup that Mollen has crafted in the past.

Jen Juneau
September 06, 2018

‘s parenting style is all about seeing her son learn and grow.

On Monday, the author and actress the latest “#dictatorlunches” installment for her son , 4½: sautéed sesame salmon, white rice molded into the shape of hearts, avocado, yellow peppers, dark chocolate, plant protein bites, a mini salad with goat cheese and organic strawberries.

Sid’s back-to-school fare joins an impressive lineup that Mollen, 39, has crafted in the past, like a and a shrimp and grits, carrot sticks, mango and Greek yogurt.

Mollen explained the in her latest post, writing, “Note: I don’t care how much of this he eats. It’s more about constant exposure and pushing his limits.”

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Many a mom chimed in on Instagram about Sid’s elaborate lunch spread, with many congratulating Mollen on her effort while others asked if her son was a fan.

Fellow mom and actress  commented on the picture, “It looks amazing. Does he eat it?”

Joked , who’s currently , “Making the rest of us look like failures lol rice hearts … get it girl.”

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Sid and his 11-month-old brother might not be the only two children in Mollen and husband ‘ future. In June, the latter told PEOPLE he was tapping out of new parenthood after one more try for a daughter.

“As soon as I , then I’m going to retire,” said the  star, 40, which Mollen quipped was a task for “his next wife.”

Joked Biggs in response, “However I can get it.”

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