When you're slaving away over the turkey, these fabulous decorations will lift your mood instantly

By Amy Cutmore
November 21, 2017
haveseen/Getty Images

Year after year, the room that serves us so well throughout the festive period gets forgotten when it comes to the decoration department.

A fir would get in the way, there’s teh danger of festive ornaments getting sprayed with pudding mix and no one wants dropped pine needles in their gravy. But we’ve rounded up the perfect solutions to cheer up your hardworking kitchen without any hassle or demands  on precious space this Christmas…

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Bring on the baubles

Wreaths hung from the ceiling and cabinet knobs make the perfect hanging for baubles, while cornices and pelmets can be adorned with holly and spruce. Select moisture-resistant, wipe-clean decorations and faux foliage to avoid wilting in the heat.

Bring out the seasonal storage