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Is there anything that doesn’t taste good with peanuts?

Lucas Laursen
September 14, 2018

Fans of M&M's candies will be able to try next year and find out. They’ll also be able to vote for their favorite or against their least favorite.

M&M's maker Mars Wrigley Confectionary began running similar campaigns on its 75th anniversary in 2016, when it asked consumers to vote on . Coffee won, of course. Last year, it trialed Crunchy Espresso, Crunchy Espresso, and Crunchy Mint, the last of which .

Mars also makes special editions, including seasonal specials that once included a . And for the pumpkin spice crowd: behold .

For customers who aren’t satisfied with the standard or annual experimental looks, Mars offers an . Perfect for sending to your favorite candy journalists.

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