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Because nobody likes a hungry coworker.

Corey Williams
Updated May 07, 2019

When you’re hungry at work and snacking options are limited, it’s tempting to head to the vending machine for a package of Oreos or a bag of nacho cheese chips. While some days are definitely Dorito days, it’s nice to have a better-for-you option stashed away for when you’re trying to be healthy. Of course, we have plenty of delicious and nutritious —but, hey, we’re not all Pinterest pros.

For those of us who enjoy a good ol’ fashioned packaged snack every now and then, here are five healthy(ish) options to keep at your desk:


A personal favorite. One caveat: I require a lot of pretzels with my hummus, and Sabra doesn’t always meet my needs. It wouldn’t hurt to grab an extra bag of pretzels while you’re at the store. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Like the above hummus singles, but WITH GUAC. Each guilt-free cup has only 100 calories.


Have your cake and eat it too with Perfect Bar’s limited-edition Birthday Cake flavor. It might taste like it’s bad for you, but each bar is made with whole food protein, freshly ground nut butter and plant-based sprinkles.


Cheese! Nuts! Dried fruit! What more could a healthy snacker want?


This is some next level comfort food snacking. Justin’s products are all wholesome and nutritious, so don’t feel bad about this indulgence.

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