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By Sarra Sedghi
June 21, 2019
Images courtesy of the retailers

True ice cream lovers know there’s something special about strawberry. It’s simultaneously bright and rich; it’s classic without being bland. Compared to some of the loaded choco-chunk varieties, it may even seem a little mild—but that’s simplicity shining in its most beautiful form. It is brilliant and beautiful. Also, it’s pink.

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So, we did what we do at MyRecipes: We bought all the strawberry ice cream we could find, and endured the guaranteed bellyache. Sometimes pain is necessary to find an answer.

Note: Straight-up strawberry ice cream is not as widely represented as it deserves to be. Our local grocery stores didn’t carry classic strawberry ice cream from cult brands, such Jeni’s, but had room for plenty of other flavor spin-offs like strawberry cheesecake, which did not meet our qualifications. It’s different, end of story. We also struggled to find any dairy-free strawberry options aside from sorbet, which, while delicious, is not ice cream.

(If you prefer vanilla, click here. Maybe we’ll rank chocolate one day.)

The Contenders

Halo Top Strawberry Light Ice Cream

If you’re a fan of Halo Top, there’s a chance you might enjoy this one. If not, you might think this tastes like “strawberry-scented sadness,” chemicals, or even a bit like cheese. Halo Top’s strawberry offers a frosty texture and disintegrated instead of melting. So, in short, it’s not ideal.

Blue Bell Strawberry Ice Cream

This ice cream is exceptionally fluffy (which may or may not be your thing), but uncomfortably (like, Pepto-Bismol) pink. The flavor is more artificial than fresh, but that isn’t too surprising given its medicinal hue. Don’t peep the ingredients list.

Breyers Natural Strawberry Ice Cream