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Talk about an unexpected life hack.

jessica tholmer
June 04, 2018

The fear of spiders is one of the most common phobias out there. There are endless reasons why . They’re creepy, crawly, and some of them bite. They have way too many legs. And don’t even get us started on that myth about swallowing spiders in your sleep. , but many people just can’t bring themselves to do it. What if it jumps on you? Or falls on your head? Or BOTH, somehow?

Well, a woman named Demi Sweeney, a student in Bournemouth in the U.K., just took her phobia of spiders to the next level. When she was trapped in her apartment alone with a spider, too scared to kill it herself, she had to think fast. Afraid it would fall on her head if she approached it, Sweeney found creative solution to her eight-legged problem: in hopes that the driver would come in and kill the spider for her. And reader, HE DID IT. Is this the best new lifehack?

Sweeney messaged Deliveroo with her dilemma. “Hello. (Sounds silly but this is a serious question) I have a huge phobia of spiders, there’s one in the corridor of our house near to the door,” she wrote in a message to Deliveroo . “If I order food through Deliveroo is it possible at all if the driver could get rid of it?”

“You can most certainly request this in the ‘delivery note’ section when placing your order,” . “The only thing is, our rider may be more afraid of [spiders] than you are….” She decided to go for it.

Luckily, Joe the delivery guy killed the spider and saved the day.

Sweeney , but he heroically did the deed anyway.

Now we all have a game plan for the next time we’re trapped with a creepy crawly. Pizza with a side of heroics sounds good to us.

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