Get your hands on this sweet treat. 

Blake Bakkila
June 29, 2018

was just the beginning. People all over Instagram are now obsessing over , which sounds like the yummy summer plant-food dessert of our dreams. It's made by , which calls itself the first organic, dairy-free, avocado-based ice cream brand.

Avocado ice cream's ingredients list is short and simple; it includes avocado puree, avocado oil, and cane sugar. At 170 calories per 1/2 cup serving, this sweet treat has fewer calories than the same size serving of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia—yet it also racks up about half the sugar. And you already know that avocados themselves are a heart-healthy superfood.

If the idea of avocado ice cream doesn't sound all that appealing, hear us out. The product comes in three traditional ice cream flavors: Deep Dark Chocolate, Simply Lemon, and Mint Chocolate Chip. Fans can expect coffee/mocha and cherry amaretto flavors to roll out soon, according to .


The brand scored some media attention in August 2017, when the Patriots served Cado in honor of Tom Brady’s 40th birthday. Whether it’s an upcoming birthday for your lactose intolerant pal or you want to switch up your dessert game, check the freezer aisle for it at Whole Foods, The Fresh Market, and other organic or specialty markets.

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