Jacques Pépin: Merguez

Chef Jacques Pépin and his daughter Claudine make a homemade version of the North African lamb sausage known as merguez.

Chef Jacques Pépin and his daughter Claudine make a homemade version of the North African lamb sausage known as merguez at the 2007 mkgalleryamp; Wine Classic in Aspen.

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[MUSIC] The next recipe we are gong to do a kind of my merguez, which is a lamb sausage. That is done in North Africa. I do a mixture of it. It's pretty hard to buy so I mix it with the ground Italian sausage, the very same you buy at the market. And with ground lamb in there. I have about not half and half but almost half and half of the ground lamb and Italian sausage. The Italian sausage you can pick up. Whatever you want so you be sure that if you pick one which is very highly seasoned, then you calculate that you don't put too much salt or whatever in it, but this one is not seasoned. So now I'm going to give you some paprika. That's Yeah, that's paprika. That's good. Cumin, you know cumin in there. I've got the salt. You want little, a bit of pepper. And cayenne, right? And Cayenne. Do you use the [FOREIGN]? No. No, no, that's just Cayenne in there, and maybe a bit of garlic. [BLANK_AUDIO] So. Let me crush a bit of garlic here. [NOISE] That's it. See if you can do that ahead. So you have a nice seasoning. I mean the seasoning of [INAUDIBLE]. Or the pheromone of paprika. Or the pheromone of. Of cayenne in it depending on how hot you want it. And now we can brown this, you don't really have small sausage like that. You don't really have to put it in casing. You can do it like a [UNKNOWN] if you want. Roll it like that and that's rolling long way you do with sausage. I wait for them to cook. Okay so how many people we have here? [LAUGH] We have four. Okay my sausage you are doing pretty well too now you want to cook that all the way [UNKNOWN] dehydrated but remember it's pork mostly. So I'm going to shut it up and leave them here. Look how good [INAUDIBLE] Oh, I'm sure. Try them. Yeah. You want more. That's really good. That's a very good vegetable. Yeah. Anything we like, we call a vegetable. So this is. This is nice to do it into lettuce cups like this. So you put that in there. You put a little bit of red onion if you [UNKNOWN] again. And finally right on the onion. [LAUGH] Okay, here is cilantro. Do you want me to cut this one, too? Yes. Cilantro in there. SO here we have the sausage. [LAUGH] The sausage with a bit of cilantro. Watch your hand. And red onion. Sometimes those red onion, I do a brine. So I cover them with salt, a bit of sugar, water, and I leave them brine for an hour or to. Then I drained them out and they are kind of like an onion in brine. And you put them in there and it is very good too but this is fine this way as well. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Jacques Pépin: Merguez