Beatrice Inn chef-owner Angie Mar talks money, mentorship, and hustle.

By Kat Kinsman
March 15, 2019
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Chefs and restaurant workers take great care of everyone else, but often they need a little help themselves. Each week, mkgalleryamp; Wine senior editor Kat Kinsman talks with hospitality pros about they manage their business, brain, and body for the long haul. Is there a topic you'd like to know more about or a guest you'd love to hear from? Tell us at [email protected] or tweet to Kat @kittenwithawhip.

Episode 2: Angie Mar

You may think you know Angie Mar from her ultra-luxe Instagram feed, or maybe you've had the pleasure of indulging in a meal at her inventive, over-the-top restaurant, The Beatrice Inn. But the 2017 mkgalleryamp; Wine Best New Chef wants you to know about the blood, sweat, tears, and terrifyingly lean times that led up to her buying this classic property and pushing its legacy forward. And that has an awful lot to do with the way she hires, and how she mentors her team. Mar sat down with mkgalleryamp; Wine Senior Editor Kat Kinsman for a from-the-heart chat, and you're welcome to pull up a chair.

Eat at: The Beatrice Inn

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