By Clara Olshansky
June 22, 2017

For rookies behind the bar these totally charming drinking glasses will help them mix their drinks just right. Illustrated with well-researched diagrams of your favorite drinks, these glasses show you how much of each ingredient to include to nail your cocktail. From nine-ingredient Bloody Mary glasses to simple two-ingredient mimosa flutes, these glasses have you covered.

The project began when Alyson Thomas quit her draining attorney job as an Asylum Officer for the Department of Homeland Security and took up sketching. As she put it, "I knew from that experience that to keep my spirits up, I needed a project to work on to at least give some structure to my days. Drawing was fun, rela, and helped pass the time." Of course, what started as just a way to relax has segued into her new fulltime job.


After a succession of successful food art projects—from Meat My City, an illustration project that breaks down the map of select cities in terms of how the locals enjoy their meat, to a set of butchery diagram posters that are as gorgeous as they are practical, to a series of prints that break sandwiches down into their necessary components—Thomas has now ventured into the glassware business.

 A set of two will set you back between $25 and $35. Get mi.