What on Earth do you gift the person who’s eaten (and drank) everything?

By Julia Heffelfinger
December 05, 2017
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We all know that person: they carry their own mini tin of flaky sea salt in their purse, they’ll talk your ear off about the kachapuri crawl they went on over the weekend and they live in a 400-square-foot apartment, but spend three-quarters of their paycheck grocery shopping brand names at Whole Foods. You may not get them, but you love them, so what on Earth do you gift the person who’s eaten (and drank) everything? From the chocolate obsessive, to the knife junkie, to the budding mezcalier, we have pulled all of the best gifts for your food- and drink-loving friends. Here, the 16 gadgets, home accessories and mind-blowingly-delicious food products that we’ll be putting on our holiday wish lists this year (and trust us, we’re that friend).

1. California Olive Ranch Limited Reserve Olive Oil

Bottled just weeks after the fall harvest, this limited reserve oil is intentionally bottled with little bits of olive fruit floating in it to enhance the fresh, vibrant and peppery flavor. $19.99/500 mL, shop.californiaoliveranch.com


2. Andre’s Confiserie Suisse Dark Chocolate Mint Leaves

These delicate little chocolates are like an elegant, highbrow version of an Andes Mint with a thin, Swiss dark chocolate shell encasing a smooth mint cream. Also, the festive little box makes them ready to gift. $26/18 chocolates, mouth.com


3. Heartwood Forge Knives

All of the knives from Heartwood Forge are handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces. Maker Will Manning uses reclaimed steel for the blades and salvaged wood and pieces of ivory for the handles. The knives are an investment, but totally worth it for the stellar craftsmanship. We’re obsessing over his paring knives made with the Japanese “san mai” blade technique and smooth handles made of African Blackwood sourced from a Parisian clarinet factory. The knives are ridiculously sharp for kitchen work, but also make a beautiful addition to a cheese or charcuterie board. From $350, heartwoodforge.com


4. The Citizenry’s Apasco Mezcal Set

This five-piece set is for your friend who went to Mexico City last spring and now exclusively sips mezcal (even when you’re tailgating – like, where did they get a bottle?). This rustic set of hand-blown glasses and carafe are decidedly clear so the golden hue of the spirit can shine through. $95, the-citizenry.com


5. Rancho Meladuco Dates

For your friend who buys all of their produce at their local farmer’s market, these plump and juicy medjool dates are hand-picked and hand-packed in the Coachella Valley. $16/2lbs., ranchomeladuco.com


6. Dona Chai Duo

These bottled tea concentrates will wow both tea drinkers and those trying to wean themselves off of coffee. Warm and soothing, the Chai and Turmeric concentrates are both worth trying (and can be purchased as a duo). Each variety is made with freshly ground spices and is best mixed with cow or nut milk for a killer latte. $36, donachai-sales.com


7. Mouth Foods Sables and Shortbread

Buttery, crumbly and oh-so addictive, this new line of cookies makes for a great hostess gift. Go for the festive, deeply chocolatey peppermint sable made with valrhona cocoa powder, or our favorite, the sugar-crusted orange pistachio shortbread with just the right amount of salt. $11/4oz., mouth.com