Abby Hocking

As one mkgallery editor said: "Would totally cheese plate these."

Nina Friend
Updated June 26, 2018

Here at mkgallery, we're big proponents of snack food. We're also big proponents of taste-testing snack foods, as we've done with all sorts of products — from Pop-Tarts to Cheez-Its. Though we love our Oreos and Goldfish, we also know that sometimes it's best to eat something that isn't so, well, unhealthy.

Almonds fit that bill, whether mixed into a bag of trail mix or candied with salt and spices. They can provide a quick boost of protein or even just a satisfying crunch. So, for our latest snack food taste test, we gathered our team together to try four recently-released .

Here's what we had to say: 

"Would totally cheese plate these."

"Very nice. Tastes like Christmas."

Abby Hocking

"I get some mineral hints."

"Tastes just like salted almonds."

Abby Hocking

"The truffle flavor is intense and unexpected, in a good way."

"Totally snackable and feels a little fancy."

Abby Hocking

"Would love these in a salad."

"Could eat the whole bag."

Abby Hocking

Check out these recipes for fun ways to cook with almonds.



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