Plus, our most romantic recipes to use with your new tools and appliances.

By Elisabeth Sherman
January 12, 2018
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Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Gordon Ramsay once said that the worst day to go out to dinner is Valentine’s Day. His advice? You should be cooking for your sweetheart on this day that is supposed to celebrate intimacy and love. Ditch the crowds, the waiters, the couple next to you bickering about the wine, and stay home, where it’s tranquil and you can more easily stare into each other’s eyes without being interrupted by a well-meaning busboy asking you if you’re finished with the crème brûlée. You could cook a special meal for your loved one, set the table with your best dishware, light a couple candles and pour some champagne, or you could even cook your Valentine’s Day dinner together. There’s hardly a better way to bond with your partner than by navigating a cramped kitchen while every burner on the stove is turned up to high, trust me. Will there be moments of tension? Yes! But the real accomplishment is creating something delicious and satisfying for the person you love (or just really, really like) that the two of you can share.

Now that I have convinced you to cook at home on Valentine's Day, you might be wondering what exactly you should make and how you should make it. Williams-Sonoma has a whole range of Valentine’s Day themed and heart-shaped kitchen tools to help you bring your two-person dinner party together and give the whole affair a festive atmosphere. Could you bake and cook your way to a romantic evening with the appliances you have now? Sure you could, but I challenge you to resist the appeal of a pink heart-shaped Le Creuset Dutch oven or a marble heart-shaped cheeseboard. As for the recipes, mkgalleryamp; Wine has a whole host of perfect dishes to go along with your new tools and tips on how to use them.

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

First up is this heart-shaped Pink Le Creuset Dutch oven. I can’t stress enough how absolutely enamored with this kitchen appliance I am, which manages to be adorable, elegant, sleek, and practical all the same time. This piece also doubles as a Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart. Then the inaugural meal you cook using the dish will be one you made together. The Dutch oven is perfect for whipping up a light and airy chocolate souffle. For the main course, try braising short ribs for a decadent, flavorful meal. 

Le Creuset Cast-Iron Heart-Shaped Dutch Oven, $149 - $199 on

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Just the other day, I made an apple pie in the red pie dish I got for Christmas for a family dinner. I was in a hurry, so my partner helped me cut the stripes of pastry dough I used to make the lattice pattern on top. We had a blast putting the final touches on my dessert and felt closer because we had done it together. Why not try something similar this Valentine’s Day? Pick a recipe—this cherry berry pie involves an elegant lattice topping—and try to recreate it in this heart-shaped pie dish.

Emile Henry Ruffled Heart Dish, $50 on

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

On Christmas Eve, my family and I sat up late into the night rolling out cookie dough, decorating, and baking our Christmas cookies, using a bag of cookie cutters we’ve had for years. Once you get into a rhythm, you can sip a glass of wine, trade stories, and create an evening full of laughter, centered on baking cookies. This set of Valentine’s Day cookie cutters will give you and your partner an excuse to sit down together for several hours on a project that requires patience, compromise, and coordination. Plus, it’s really, really fun. Here’s the mkgalleryamp; Wine recipe for the perfect roll out and cut sugar cookies.

Valentine Cookie Cutter Box Set, $25 on