Follow these six simple steps for a perfectly dressed green salad.

By Mary-Frances Heck
February 19, 2019

A classic green salad—one featuring crisp lettuces and raw seasonal vegetables tossed with a barely-there vinaigrette—elevates any meal. The trick to serving a properly dressed, not wilting salad is in the technique you use to build it, starting with the dressing, preferably using a large wooden salad bowl. (We’re partial to this satiny black walnut one from Andrew Pearce, but any wooden bowl broad enough to prevent flyaway leaves will do.) Begin with the acids: For balance, use at least two vinegars or citrus juices. Add a drizzle of honey or pinch of sugar—the sweetness will help balance the acids’ bite. Finally, rapidly incorporate the oil to form an emulsion. For best flavor, use a mix, such as grapeseed plus a good olive oil or a nut oil, such as walnut. A properly emulsified vinaigrette will suspend the acids and seasonings in the oil, coating each lettuce leaf without weighing it down. Toss just before serving using the trick in step 5.

Victor Protasio

Get the full recipe for our simple green salad here, and assemble it by following these simple steps:

1. Blend Acids

Victor Protasio

Pour vinegar into a large wooden bowl; add shallot. Squeeze juice from lemon into bowl, catching seeds; rub bowl with outside of lemon rind. Discard lemon rind and seeds.

2. Season