Summer Grilling

The Only Grilling Tool You Really Need, According to a Meat Guy

Al Roker’s Signature Burger, Plus His Best Tips for Manning the Grill

Today host, weatherman, grill master. Al Roker is known for many things, and being an avid cook is one of them. The beloved TV host published in 2002, often cooks on air, and just last week launched a web series called Cold Cuts, in which he makes sandwiches with his celebrity friends.

This Ceramic Grill Pan Is a Foolproof Way to Upgrade Grilled Fish

When you need a break from the hot dogs, hamburgers and barbecued chicken, grill some fish.

How To Set Up Your Grill For Multitasking

Have you ever set out to grill a multi-part meal and found yourself sweating over the hot grates all evening, only to walk away smelling like you’ve been toasted yourself? Setting up a three-zone fire allows you to churn out more than just burgers and dogs so you can kick back and enjoy an ice-cold lemonade or beer.

How Long Can I Safely Leave Food Sitting Out at a Cookout?

With barbecues, picnics, and beachside days, the opportunities to enjoy food outdoors are plentiful. What else is plentiful on these summer days? The opportunities to get sick from spoiled food. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that there are an estimated cases of foodborne illness in the U.S. every year. people die as a result of their food-related illness.

3 Easy Tips for Elevating Your Summer Cookout from a Chef Who Knows Her Way Around a Grill

Last summer, you might have been content to keep things simple: A few steaks on the grill (with this ancho rub perhaps?) or juicy, tender, but unfussy burgers.

What You Should Be Doing Instead of Marinating Your Meat

Whether you're cooking steak or chicken on the grill this summer, chances are you're going to be mi up more than a few marinades.

A Better Way to Cook Chicken on the Grill

Grilling season is here, and with it inevitably comes the curse of dry chicken. If you've never been handed a dried-out chicken breast at a cook-out—so dry that even smothering it in barbecue sauce won't save it—consider yourself lucky. Bone-in chicken is easier to deal with, but boneless breasts? Forget it.

6 Underrated Cuts of Meat to Cook This Summer (and Where to Buy Them)

When James Peisker and Chris Carter of beloved, eight-year-old Nashville butcher shop launched their online business in February this year, they did so out of necessity. Their friends, family, and fans wouldn't stop begging for it.

How to Prep for Grilling Season, According to Mark Bittman

Memorial Day is fast approaching, which means we're in full-on grilling mode.